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World Observatory

The World Observatory of Human Affairs is a platform based in Brazil, France and Germany (soon expanding also to San Francisco, CA) which, among other things, produces documentaries, web series, papers and books on relevant themes, such as social inequality, urban development, education and environmental issues.

Designed as a global-reference platform for debating and divulging ideas, studies and practical actions, The World Observatory of Human Affairs counts on a plural team, which has as its mission to follow up and promote the 17 ODS (Objectives of Sustainable Development) of UN's 2030 agenda.

We act as an amplifier of ideas and proposals, through the journalistic coverage of major world conferences, interviewing their members and speakers, besides great leaders and opinion makers. With the intent of giving a wider reach to projects and proposals, to inspire and serve as an open, free repository of ideas, analyses and success cases all over the world, we offer 100 percent of the content, freely, to UN's agencies, TV, radio and web companies.

We also offer an open space for researchers to publish scientific and academic papers, in order to promote the progress of science, the amplification of knowledge in behalf of humanity, and the creation of local and global social and environmental projects.


Bloomberg and the World Observatory invite you to an Encounter that presents and ideas that are working in Brazil and a Weizmann Institute in Israel, one of the world's leading references in education and science.

Come to know the institutions and people that are impacting society and the world in a positive way.

We will have a presence of individuals who, years, are contributed to this transformation in Education, Work and Sciences:

  • Mario Fleck, partner of Rio Bravo Investimentos and member of the Executive Board of the Weizmann Institute.
  • Marcelo Barbará, founding partner of Lanx Capital and Cambuhy Investimentos, Founder and Board Member of PROA Institute.

This invitation is individual and non-transferable



We focus on the publication of books that portray the Global Challenges and the cultural identity of peoples in their most varied forms of expression, through theater, film, poetry, photography, visual arts, children's literature, sports, biographies, journalism and the environment. We also publish titles by new authors and reprints of world literature classics.

Among this great cultural mosaic, our proposal is to share with readers art's ability to broaden horizons and stimulate new perspectives on the world.


The World Observatory performs the coverage production of world conferences and documentary series. At all times we are instigating a critical sense based on audiovisual creativity, giving a face and a voice to projects and ideas in whose reach and impact power we believe. We choose to focus on global issues with the intent of instigating answers for today's challenges.


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